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Welcome to the CDIMDTracker

The CDIMDTracker™ is the only MS-DRG benchmarking analytics tool that gives CDI, coding and compliance professionals on-the-spot intelligence of their own and their competitor's MS-DRG risks and opportunities.

The CDIMD Tracker Fundamental's online tools benchmarks all US hospitals' MS-DRG performance, essential to physician engagement in CDI and MS-DRG compliance.

The CDIMD Tracker Fundamental's internal reports measures a facility's real time MS-DRG performance, identifying risks and opportunities before they get out of hand.

Advocacy of complete and compliant ICD-10-CM/PCS-pertinent documentation is essential to hospital and physician risk adjustment and performance. CDI/coding and compliance professionals must constantly monitor and benchmark outcomes as to address opportunities and mitigate risk.

The CDIMDTracker™ alerts you to understand where your CDI/coding program stands when compared to peers or competitors as to engage and motivate your providers to participate in your CDI workflow.

The CDIMDTracker™ Fundamental  compares and benchmarks your facility's traditional Medicare and Medicare Advantage performance to your peers and neighbors.  

Essential Elements of the CDIMDTracker™


Case mix index and MCC – CC – No CC/MCC captures:

  • Overall.

  • Medicine and Surgery - click here for a sample report

  • Service Lines (e.g. TAVR, CABG, Cardiology, General Surgery, Orthopedics)

  • Major Diagnostic Categories.

  • MS-DRG pairings and triplets.

  • Special COVID-19 analytics now in development - call and ask!

Individual CDI-sensitive metrics, such as:

  • MS-DRGs w/o CC/MCC with unspecified heart failure (CC opportunity).

  • MS-DRGs w/o MCC with immobility (CC or MCC opportunity).

  • MS-DRGs w/o CC with dependence on oxygen (CC opportunity).

  • MS-DRGs w/o MCC with unspecified shock (MCC opportunity).

  • Ratios of appendectomy with and without complicating diagnoses.

  • Ratios of “complex” to “simple pneumonia.”

  • Many others.

For more information and a no-obligation demonstration contact, Sasha Hoppenworth at

(855) 692-3463, extension 5 or email

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